Molding Cream

Tootekood: 110290

Tarneaeg: 1-3 tööpäeva


The creamy wax cream with a beautiful shine gives the hairstyle the desired shape and natural preservation

Ideal product for highlighting details when finishing, new finishing can be done at any time! The cream allows you to finish your hair incredibly easily, the hairstyle retains its shape and shine perfectly, and the fixation provides mobility. Panthenol strengthens hair, hair does not become stiff or sticky. After applying to the hair, the cream hardens again, ensuring a firm fixation. This is achieved by means of hydrophilic fibers that cover each hair with a thin layer and ensure maximum elasticity and stability without making the hair heavy. The delicate aroma makes the product even more enjoyable to use.

Beeswax: conditions the hair Panthenol: strengthens the hair UV filter: protects the hair against UV radiation
Hõõruge kreem peopesade vahel, et hüdrofiilsed kiud pehmeneksid. Seejärel kandke kreem õhukese kihina ühtlaselt kuivadele juustele juuksejuurtest otsteni ja viimistlege. Juuksed muutuvad kuulekaks, soengut on igal ajal lihtne muuta.
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