Gel Ultra Strong

Tootekood: 110425

Tarneaeg: 1-3 tööpäeva


Gel that adds structure, with an extra strong attitude.

11 laos

The hair gel gives the hair a wonderful charm thanks to its strong and elastic fixation. A classic finishing product with an innovative approach. The hairstyle is easy to design, highlights and fixes short hair. Does not leave a sticky feeling. The gel for elastic hairstyles is also suitable for curly hair. Moisture, sports, parties … in any situation you can trust Classic Geli. Want to change your style? Comb your hair and the finishing gel will disappear completely. Fresh sleepy aroma and pleasant texture make styling pleasant and exciting. Creativity. Strength. Flexibility. Natural shine. Everything you need!

Special gel base in combination with a very high proportion of fixing components: can hold any styling creation for a long period of time without flaking Integrated “clear complex”: maintains the hair’s brilliance and beauty
Sõltuvalt soovitud efektist kandke Classic Gel salkudena või üle pea kuivadele või pisut niisketele juustele. Sättige soengusse.
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