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Summer Touch SPF30 Gold

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Tasu kolme võrdse maksena 3 x 14.64


The light, invisible and compact summer make-up contains a protective SPF and magically gives you a fantastic summer glow – with any sun exposure.

Light summer touch. A delicate tan looks simply beautiful. But only the right summer make-up can truly flatter it. The weightless, practically invisible texture of this compact summer make-up with SPF 30 enrobes the skin and enchants it with a delicately shimmering summer tan. The finest light-reflecting micropigments lay almost imperceptibly on the skin like a soft cashmere scarf, perfectly adapt to the skin tone and melt with it to create an incomparable complexion that is as beautiful as that of a sun queen. Summer Touch gives your skin seductive summer radiance in delicate shades such as golden beige or exotic golden brown. If you want a more intense tan, simply apply a little more product. So practical and so beautiful: The little complexion perfecter is packaged in a pretty mirror compact. This makes Summer Touch a wonderfully practical travel companion for the beach, sports or simply wherever you need to refresh your complexion.

UV filter: protects against damaging UV rays Pigments: magically give the skin a flawless finish and reflect the light
Simply use a dry make-up sponge to evenly apply Summer Touch after your day care.
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