Refreshing Dry Shampoo

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The fine dry shampoo refreshes the hair and gives a feeling of clean hair without washing the hair.


Using a finer rice starch powder, the refreshing dry shampoo absorbs excess oils. The hair roots and overall length are refreshed naturally. Hair smells, looks voluminous and freshly washed. Thanks to gentle and caring shampoos, the myth that washing your hair every day damages your hair is outdated. However, washing long hair can be difficult and time consuming. In addition, the lengths do not need to be washed often, while the hair is already slightly oily at the roots. As a result, the hairstyle loses volume, especially when it comes to hair. Refreshing dry shampoo is just what you need! The fine powder absorbs excess oils, refreshes the hair and gives it volume. Its fresh scent neutralizes unpleasant odors and increases the feeling of freshly washed hair. The ideal solution when

Suggested arguments:
1. Turbo cleaner refreshes hair without having to wash it.
2. Fine powder makes stranded hair and ugly shiny roots disappear quickly.
3. Ideal between washes when in a hurry or while traveling.
4. Dry shampoo stylizes your hair instantly.
5. As an invisible styling tool, it gives your hair extra volume and density.
6. By preparing more sophisticated long hairstyles, give your hair extra volume and hold.
7. In preparation for a more expensive long hairstyle, your hair will get extra volume and density.

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