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Perfect Foundation Compact Cream 86

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The compact make-up Perfect Foundation

11 g

Delicately absorbed cream meets ultra-fine powder for an incomparable texture that makes the skin look artistically beautiful. The perfect foundation. Simply gorgeous! The compact make-up contains a special formulation of hyaluronic acid and pure beeswax. The skin is richly moisturised and thus protected against dehydration. High-quality active ingredients such as pure rice starch give the skin maximum softness and maintain its natural balance. At the same time, special polymers help to mattify the complexion. Microfine pigments reflect the light, shade the complexion and maintain the colour-fastness. Valuable zinc oxide even minimises minor inflammations. Perfect Foundation was developed to make the skin look fresh and flawless, but without weighing it down in a heavy layer of colour which can further aggravate skin imperfections. The compact make-up gives the skin light-permeable, natural coverage.

Natural mineral shine pigment and microfine pigments: reflect the light, shade the complexion and maintain the colour-fastness. Rice starch: softens Beeswax: protects the skin against dehydration Hyaluronic acid: moisturises the skin Vitamin C & Vitamin E derivatives: protect the skin against damaging environmental influences and make it more resistant Zinc oxide: minimises inflammations
Simply use a dry make-up sponge to evenly apply Perfect Foundation after your day care.
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