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Lip Booster color

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The lip care gloss gives your lips an extra boost of volume and moisture. Lip Booster results in soft and full lips.

This lip care gloss is happy to give Mother Nature a helping hand. La Biosthétique has succeeded in creating a formulation that makes lips look soft, smooth and much fuller. The secret is called Lip Booster and its formulation is thanks to a high-quality lipopeptide. This stimulates collagen synthesis and boosts the regeneration of the lip tissue. The lip skin looks much tighter and regains its elasticity. In addition, Lip Booster improves and maintains the lips’ moisture balance and plumpens up even tiny lip creases from within. Shortly after application, you will notice a tingling, cooling effect that instantly gives the lips more volume. The scientifically proven result reads all wishes from your lips: After a regular four-week application, the lip volume increased by 40%, thus resulting in a naturally kissable pout.

Palmitoyl oligopeptide: stimulates collagen synthesis and regeneration of the lip tissueMacadamia nut oil, soybean oil and avocado oil: provide softness and careMenthol derivate: tingling freshness for the lipsVitamin E: protects against free radicals
For a perfect pout, apply Lip Booster to the lips several times a day. If you are using a lipstick, you should apply Lip Booster several minutes before the application.
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