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Glamour Kit Silver

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The luxurious highlighter duo creates individual and sophisticated accents and pure Hollywood glamour.

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Hollywood glam on your skin. Gold or silver embellishes not only fingers, neck and wrists, but also cheekbones, eyes, lips, décolleté and even the hair. The elegant highlighter duo glamour kit contains breathtaking shine and shimmer particles to cleverly emphasise every face and body part that you want to use it on. The delicate, loose powder is also highly suitable for adding shimmer to the whole body. Would you like to give your arms and legs a sexy shimmer? Simply mix the powder into your body lotion to give your skin a sexy glow. If you are in a rush, the powder brush or the enclosed puff, are also suitable for simple dusting. Even in the hair, the cream and powder duo creates a seductive shimmer in the blink of an eye. Shining eyes, a sensuous accent on the lips or an enchanting finish on the cheeks: this is where the glamour cream works best. It creates breathtaking and luxurious accents. For even more shine and glory, first apply the fine, smooth cream and then dust on the ultra-fine powder. This increases the coverage and provides fantastic glamour effects

Talcum – natural mineral as a powder baseNatural mineral shine pigment – the natural mineral pigments give the skin a delicate silky shineNatural beeswax – protective conditioning substanceVitamin E acetate – protects against free radicals
The glitter powder and glamour cream of the glamour kit can be used separately or combined as a duo applied on top of each other. The various application techniques enable you to individually vary and, as needed, intensify the glitter and shine effect. The loose powder is particularly suitable for overall emphasis, the glamour cream accents certain points.
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