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Cover & Light Peche

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This concealer with a magical brush is both a concealer and a highlighter in one.

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Cover & Light Concealer is a little highlight hero. Its magic brush cleverly erases everything that ruins your usual perfect complexion: dark undereye shadows, redness, minor skin imperfections and fine lines. Signs of tiredness are eradicated to give you an awake look and even the lip line can be perfectly modelled with the concealer – for beautifully shaped, sensuous lips. Cover & Light provides practically invisible concealing and results in subtle, flawless and even coverage. Cover & Light makes the skin look younger, healthier and smoother and the shades magically adapt to your individual complexion. An absolute eyelight!

Propylene glycol: moisturises Kaolin: absorbs surplus sebum
Before the first application, press the applicator button several times until the concealer comes out. Apply 1 – 2 dabs Cover & Light to the appropriate parts of the face and lightly work in to the skin with the fingertips. Cover & Light can be applied on its own or in combination with your favourite foundation.
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