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  • Hand Wash

    Lisa korvi

    A mild, revitalising cleansing gel for daily hand-washing.

  • Lifting Care for Decollete & Hand

    Tasu kolme võrdse maksena 3 x 10.00
    Lisa korvi

    A smoothing, rich care cream for beautiful looking, even skin on the neck, décolleté and hands.

  • Rich Firming Body Cream

    Tasu kolme võrdse maksena 3 x 19.67
    Lisa korvi

    A rich, smoothing body cream that reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firm, beautiful looking skin.

  • Sea Salt Scrub

    Tasu kolme võrdse maksena 3 x 12.00
    Lisa korvi

    A caring, revitalising and smoothing sea salt scrub for body treatments.

  • Shower gel

    Lisa korvi

    A revitalising, moisturising and mild wellness shower gel for the body and hair.

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